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US-419169-A: Reversible basket-stand patent, US-419875-A: pease patent, US-420616-A: Expanding lathe-mandrel patent, US-421381-A: Charles m patent, US-421808-A: Shuttle-operating mechanism for sewing-machines patent, US-422048-A: Half to a patent, US-424201-A: Half to hugh mocallum and andrew j patent, US-424803-A: James emet lowell patent, US-42524-A: Improvement in photographic cameras patent, US-427925-A: Cotton-seed deljnter patent, US-427969-A: William george clark patent, US-428623-A: Match-box patent, US-428933-A: Steam-engine indicator patent, US-42993-A: Improvement in nail-machines patent, US-430208-A: Electric railway patent, US-43090-A: Improvement in steam-traps patent, US-431182-A: Carpet-stretcher patent, US-431463-A: Sheet-metal roof-cresting patent, US-431484-A: Protractor patent, US-431950-A: Fire-extinguisher patent, US-43212-A: Improvement in fly-traps patent, US-433481-A: Grip for hoisting-machines patent, US-435656-A: miller patent, US-435706-A: Spring-tooth harrow patent, US-435767-A: Grading-machine patent, US-435800-A: Hose-coupling patent, US-436099-A: Safety trigger-lock patent, US-436336-A: Car-coupler patent, US-43860-A: Improvement in the manufacture of paper patent, US-440579-A: Weighing-scales patent, US-441381-A: Gustavtjs rein patent, US-442221-A: Louis joseph emile gourde patent, US-4436929-A: Alkane acetates produced by oxidative esterification of olefins over alkali earth metal borates patent, US-444580-A: Steering apparatus patent, US-445328-A: Lock-lever patent, US-445748-A: Discharge-regulator for hydraulic elevators patent, US-445825-A: Poise for platform-scales patent, US-44800-A: Improvement in coal-oil lamps patent, US-452806-A: Straw-conveyer patent, US-454506-A: thomson patent, US-45463-A: Improvement in ejectors for oil-wells patent, US-457569-A: Theodoe h patent, US-458104-A: Stitching-horse patent, US-461907-A: Robert webb morgan patent, US-467907-A: Willey ii patent, US-468025-A: Augusts mille patent, US-468414-A: Electric alarm-clock patent, US-468906-A: Window-screen patent, US-469534-A: Ladder patent, US-469552-A: Tree-protector patent, US-469634-A: William b patent, US-469878-A: James kemp welch and george brownen patent, US-470682-A: King-post for car-brakes patent, US-471243-A: Henry mishler patent, US-472151-A: Center-plate for logging-cars patent, US-472789-A: hamilton patent, US-473518-A: Thomas e patent, US-474368-A: Bridle-bit patent, US-474627-A: Puzzle patent, US-474942-A: Jacob blumer patent, US-47685-A: Improvement in modes of adjusting bands on hand spinning-machines patent, US-476917-A: Confectioner s kettle patent, US-476952-A: Feed bag- patent, US-477696-A: Photographic-plate holder patent, US-479586-A: Hot-air register patent, US-479838-A: Machine patent, US-480571-A: Diffusion apparatus patent, US-480790-A: Hinge patent, US-481553-A: Fabric-holder for embroidering-machi n es patent, US-482141-A: Gas purifier and condenser patent, US-482191-A: Eyeglass-holder patent, US-482254-A: Carriage-top patent, US-48366-A: carpenter patent, US-487400-A: Edmund l patent, US-487992-A: Plate-holder for printing-cylinders patent, US-488926-A: Joseph oldfield patent, US-489993-A: Folding paper box patent, US-491965-A: Argand lamp patent, US-493534-A: John h patent, US-493551-A: Sylvania patent, US-494828-A: Electrical measuring-instrument patent, US-495066-A: Photographic-camera shutter patent, US-495482-A: Apparatus fob folding sheets patent, US-497701-A: Washing-machine patent, US-498010-A: Wheel-fender patent, US-498381-A: Car-coupling patent, US-4996199-A: Penetration enhancers for transdermal delivery of systemic agents patent, US-500961-A: Car-coupling patent, US-501175-A: Torpedo signaling machine patent, US-501567-A: Horse-sandal patent, US-501669-A: Gerard beekman patent, US-506578-A: Adjustable scraper and spout for paint-mills patent, US-507611-A: Bung or tenon extractor patent, US-507852-A: George m patent, US-50956-A: Improvement in harvesters patent, US-511240-A: Jesse l patent, US-5119570-A: Method for continuously crystalizing polyester material patent, US-512132-A: Gas heating apparatus patent, US-516006-A: terby patent, US-516608-A: Window-screen patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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